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Effects of Poor Yard Drainage - Maryland

Maryland has been getting a lot of rain fall these past weeks with warnings for flooding in some areas. You might think "it'll just rain then I'll be fine once its all done". This can be true when the rain fall isn't as heavy or your yard is well suited to drain properly. The truth is most yards are not well suited for proper drainage. This can cause lots of major issues. In today's blog we will be going over the effects of poor yard drainage.

1. One major issue most home owners will face is water being held around the foundation. All this water can lead to damage to your favorite interior finishes like wood floors or drywall. Beyond that, it can help lead to foundation failure.

2. Some of your favorite hardscapes in your home like your driveway can be damaged by water in the soil. Having poor drainage can cause water to make the ground swell which makes the ground rise and fall, thus causing damage to structures built over the ground.

3. Water can be good for plants, but too much can actually damage it. When the ground fills with water it prevent oxygen from reaching the roots of your favorite plants. The roots will be damaged and some plants can die from this.

4. Poor drainage can also make your existing erosion problems even worse. If you don't control the flow of all the rainfall this will facilitate the rate at which your yard erodes. You don't want lose ground and a steep hill building in your back yard.

5. Having the water in contact with lots of materials will make them rot easier, build mold, and it can lead to future insect infestations. Don't let those wooden beams from your deck be weakened over time in this way. It might end up ruining your plans for that summer cook out you've been looking forward to.

If you're having issues draining your yard in the Baltimore County, Maryland area. Don't hesitate to contact the experts with over 40 years of combined experience at 2 Brothers Landscaping LLC. Call 443-744-1295 and stop poor drainage from ruining your home today.

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