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Spring Clean Up Basics - Baltimore, Maryland

Spring is here and its time to get your yard ready for a fresh new start. In this blog we will go over the key things you should have done every time you get a spring clean up.

1. Clearing Away Branches and Clutter

Winter is over and now its time to remove everything that has been left laying around. You'll find many dead branches laying around, and at worse you might end up having to clean a lot of dog feces.

2. Mowing Your Grass

Your grass might be over grown or just need a refresher. Giving it a fresh cut is a great way to welcome the spring.

3. Re-seed damaged areas

You mowed your lawn and probably noticed some areas with no grass. Now is a great time to fix that and in a few weeks you'll have brand new grass.

4. Aeration

If you didn't do it last fall, now is the time to aerate your yard. This will take away all the compression on the soil, and allow it to get new nutrients through. This is a key part of keeping a healthy and great looking lawn so don't skip it.

5. Pruning Trees & Trimming Bushes

So you've cleaned up your yard but now you noticed, those trees in your backyard have a lot of over hang or some very low branches. Now would be the time to clean your trees up and you'll be set to enjoy your yard. Don't forget the shrubs haven't been touched in some time and also probably need a trimming.

Get all of these done and your yard should now be looking much better and ready to take on a whole new year.

Live in Baltimore, Maryland or surrounding areas and need help with your yard or other home improvement projects? Don't hesitate to give us a call to schedule and estimate.

Phone: 443-744-1295 or 443-398-0724

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